Gong Bath Evaluation


In order to continue to bring you the most profound sound experience possible, we would like to get your input.

We appreciate you taking the time to provide this important feedback.

How did you hear about Harmony of the Spheres? ______________________________________________________

What factors influenced your decision to participate today? __________________________________________________

Gong Bath                                               No/None        Fair/Some        As                  Yes/                 Beyond My
                                                                                                                     Poor                                        Expected        Excellent        Expectations

Did the description of the gong bath represent its content?

Did you receive what you came for?

How much did you benefit?

Was the event organized and easy to follow?

Did the Presenters:
Demonstrate mastery of the topic?

Handle questions effectively?

Communicate concepts clearly?

Use time well?

If less than expected, please explain

Was this your first time experiencing the gongs?

What improvements to this event would you recommend?  Maximum number of participants in a studio?

Describe experiences felt during the session (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)

Would you recommend this experience to others?  Why?

How often would you like to see gong baths scheduled?

Do you have a favorite venue?

Please add any additional comments/concerns on the back of this sheet.

Thank you for attending and sharing your comments