The Gongs


32” mercury gong

Mercury’s tones are deep and dynamic.  Mercury represents the throat chakra and enhances communication, creativity, expression, inspiration, reason, and intelligence.  It rules Gemini and Virgo and is tuned to the note of C#.

32”, 28”, 26”, 24”, 20” SYMPHONIC GONGS

Paiste Symphonic Gongs have a slightly raised surface with a harmonic and universal sound structure. The fundamental note of the gong is balanced with the instrument's complex overtones. The Symphonic contains even proportions of various gong characteristics, which can be brought forth using different mallets and striking points.  The world’s largest gong is an extraordinary 80” symphonic.

24” NEW MOON GONG (synodic)

A wonderful gong for emotional balance, movement, and opening.  It rules Cancer and is tuned to the musical note of G#.  The new moon gong has a nurturing quality, enhances intuition and helps facilitate receptivity, instinct, protection, self-confidence and security. 

SOUND Creation SUN Gong

Paiste sound creation gongs have their own extraordinary and particular sound character. Their impressive, charismatic sound embodies a wealth of exemplary emotional sensations and feelings. Due to their varied sound colors and voices, these instruments also offer a wide range of harmonics and frequencies.

Character:  Mysterious, knowing, kind, unfathomable

“A person does not hear sound only through the ears, he hears sound through every pore of his body.” ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

23” MaiTREYA Gong

Made from a nickel silver alloy, the Maitreyan hand, aka Hamsa or OM sign is inscribed in the center.  The 23” gong is light and easily hand held and has a low resonant fundamental tone.

A gong of world peace.