Workshops 2018



Nature Immersion Workshop

Powerful, profound, joyful and deeply moving, it can be a life changing event.

This over night camping experience promotes a deep sense of peace and well-being, strengthening our connection to the natural world,

Please contact Paul to discuss if this is the right experience for you?

(Space is limited to 6 people)

Location:  Chilliwack, BC

Date & Time: 


The adventure starts with a welcoming circle, followed by caravanning to Chilliwack. Once we arrive in Chilliwack we will do a short hike into the woods. We will setup camp and then gather in circle for ceremony and teachings.

In the evening after dark each person will spend an hour doing a commune with nature exercise. This exercise is done sitting in an old cedar tree stump in darkness completely surrounded by the tree. I like to sit on a small blanket and I bring my rattle and drum.

What to Bring:

Camp setup. Items required for this journey.

1- Hammock (good for camping)

1- sleeping bag

1- flashlight

- water 

- food

- nice to have a swim suit and water socks.

(There is a river near by for those who would like to dip in the waters.)

Cost:  An honoring gift , a medicine item (see medicines used by Paul) and a  

            hand shake. ( suggested hand shake between $25 - $60 )


Drum Workshop


In this day long workshop we will be creating a frame drum.

Shamanic teachings and understandings will be shared.

As the drum is being created we will weave power into our creations.

The story of the drum will be shared.

Cost: $200

The cost covers the materials needed to make the drum.

You will need to bring

  1. -A stick the size of your thumb and about 12 inches long to make a beater.

  2. -Bring something for a potluck meal for lunch.

  3. - An honoring gift for the Altar and a hand shake.

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Weekend Gong Workshop

When       Where       Cost

The maximum number of participates is 12.

Register early to secure your spot.

Join shamanic Gongmaster Paul Bissonnette and

explore your connection to vibrational energy.

Practice using the Gongs, Singing bowls and other instruments.

Our main focus will be the gongs.

Paul will share teachings and demonstrate techniques to play gongs and singing bowls.

You will have the opportunity to practice those techniques using

Paul’s instruments or your own.

Learn ways to blend styles and different vibrational energies together to create what I affectionately refer to as the gong bath, a term coined by my mentor Don Conreaux.

I will share some of the science behind sound therapy and why it is becoming popular.

(hint: When something works and the side effects are beneficial popularity grows.)

Let curiosity be your guide.

Test it. Do it. And observe what does or does not occur.

Shamanic teachings and understandings will be shared throughout the weekend.

When: May 11, 12 and 13

Friday May 11th: 7-10pm (open to the public $65)

    Introduction, teachings and gong bath

Saturday May 12th: 10-8pm

    10-6 pm    Teachings, practice and ceremony including lunch

     6-7pm       Dinner

     7-8 pm      Ceremony

Sunday May 13th: 10-4pm

    10-1pm    Teachings, practice, questions

    1-2:30pm Lunch

    2:30-4pm Gong Bath (open to the public)

Where: Wisteria acres wellness & retreats

             8648 Armstrong Road, Langley, BC V1M 2R3

Cost:     2 options available

This is a resident workshop, which means I ask all those interested to stay on site. either in the retreat house (8) or camp in the loft (4). I will be staying in the loft space.

We join together to have our Saturday meals lunch and dinner catered.  Vegetarian

Sunday lunch Soup and sandwiches. Vegetarian

Cost breakdown for the curious.

Workshop fee: $275

House accommodations $137

Loft camping accommodations $63

Meals included:

2 Lunches (soup & sandwiches vegetarian) $32

Saturday Dinner (hot Vegetarian) $20


Retreat House

8 beds




bring sleeping bag or air matress and blankets etc.



call, text or email