Individual sessions


  1.   Paul is available for:

  1.   Private one-on-one session using gongs, singing bowls, drums and voice. These sessions take place in Sacred space, While wearing comfortable clothing one will lye down on a massage table covered with a light blanket or sitting in a relaxing chair.

  Paul is a Shamanic practitioner, Certified Transformational Breath facilitator/trainer, Spiritual

   intuitive and Gong Master.

   Paul uses his Shamanic sight and understanding of vibrational energy when restoring people to their      

   full potential energy.

   During a session Paul:

  1.   Reads your present energy flow (Aura).

  2.   Removes any blocks or foreign energy attachments 

   (entities, cords, or past life drama).

  1.   Restores the flow of energy in the body along the meridian lines.

  2.   Passes along messages from spirit guides.

  3.   Spiritual counseling

  4.   Empower the breath



  60-90 minute session for $100.00

  Any questions or to book now contact

    or Call 604-754-0209

Scientific studies show that sound has measurable effects on physical, emotional and intellectual well-being and is a proven way to aid in restoring harmony, energy and balance. 

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House cleansing and blessings
Cost: $250 plus travel expense.

Paul offers an opportunity to experience vibrational energy that is balancing, calming and revitalizing  for the individual.

The Shamanic Gong Master