“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

You've just not lived until you've been cradled in the loving sounds that Paul and Kathy create with their spirit through their instruments - what a JOURNEY!!! - with gratitude, Toni

Thank you so very much for the gong meditation at Unity Teahouse yesterday.  It was my first time.  The whole experience left me speechless, and full of awe and wonder ... and healing gratitude.  It was amazing!  Tascha

I attended a wonderful Gong Meditation yesterday and found myself spontaneously breathing more deeply than I have in years!  The sound and vibration literally penetrates to ‘the bone’.  The experience seems to have naturally corrected my spinal alignment.  Looking forward to attending again!  Mary J

Thank you again for the opportunity to enjoy a Gong Bath session. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy it and think that everyone should experience it at least once. The peace and relaxation it gives me is a blessing. I will continue to bring others to relax in such a pleasant atmosphere at Wisteria Acres Wellness.  Cindy

What a fabulous experience last night was! Thank you for sharing your gifts. Mary

I loved the gong session.  It was a feast for my ears.  The sounds took me on a peaceful journey to a place I’d never been before.  It was safe and yet exciting.  It was a break, for my mind, from my daily cluttered thinking.  Jill

Last night’s gong bath is still with me, it was fabulous.  Mary

Thank YOU and Paul for that wonderful gong meditation last week.  Really enjoyed it and will definitely be at the next one.  Kathy

Thank you for a beautiful gong bath yesterday!  Even with holding the space for the studio during that time - I was able to go quite deep and felt so rested and light afterward.  Donna

What a fabulous experience; thank you for sharing your gifts; with blessings to you both. Mary

I attended the gong bath at Sat Nam and was so completely moved.  Thanks, you are truly talented and it was a real joy to be a part of the bath.  Vicki

I was in the tearoom on Sunday and the vibrations of those gongs were incredible.  I really feel that it does an energetic space clearing for the whole building and community, and am really grateful to have you coming regularly.  Thank you!  Susan

Thank you once again for the gong session yesterday at Radha Yoga.  It was amazing.  I went because I love the gong and all it can do so I was expecting pure bliss and deep transcendence. That I got for sure but I was pleasantly surprised at the healing I received at the same time.  My head was feeling very stressed for the first part of the session and then I felt something wave it all away - instantaneously!  I participate in many things - like yoga, meditation, mantras, healings, etc - so I thought I was doing fine overall.  The gong showed me otherwise and I’m eternally grateful for its messages and its fast relief.  I feel like I’ve been re-born!  I’ll definitely be back for more and I promise to tell all my friends about your services!  Christine

I just wanted to say thank you for the last gong bath at Radha; I really enjoyed it.  Karsten

I attended your Gong Bath at Sat Nam Yoga Centre on the North Shore.  It was amazing.  Leah

I had a great experience at Yoga on 7th and am eager to repeat it.  Augusta

I enjoyed my first ‘gong bath’ at Yoga on 7th; I am normally very sensitive to loud noises but the ‘sound surround’ from the gongs was a unique and revitalizing event for me.  Lois

Thanks so much for an incredible experience which I plan on doing often.  Debbie