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The gong bath experience is a journey through sound. While sitting or lying comfortably on a mat, recipients are bathed in layer upon layer of deep, rich, swelling sound waves. The Vibrations have a healing effect at a cellular level - cleansing blocked energy and nourishing and renewing the body.

Shamanic Gong music and videos

Shamanic Drum Journey circle

Ottawa, Onartio

Thursday Aug 15,  2019 

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Cost: $10 or more

to find location contact Paul


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Shamanic Healing circle

Ottawa, Onartio

Wednesday Aug 7, 21, 2019

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Cost: $10 or more

to find location contact Paul


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In Shamanism Vibrational energy is sometimes used to assist in shifting awareness.

The drum, rattle and conch horn are used for this purpose. My personal favorites Gongs, overtoning and chants. There are many books and teachers good at explaining shamanism, so I won’t repeat. I am interested in the doing. I do my best to walk the medicine wheeI, I am a water pourer of the sweat lodge. Shamanic Gong Master healer.

I am offering an opportunity to join me in ceremony. every week. switching , between drum journey, healing, and expanding vibrational energy other ceremonies.

One-on-One Sessions with Paul

Paul uses his Shamanic sight and understanding of vibrational energy when assisting to restore people to their full potential.

A session is done while client is lying or sitting comfortably.

- Read your present energy flows (Aura reading).

- Remove any blocks or foreign energy attachments

   (entities, cords, or past life drama).

- Restore the flow of energy in the body along the meridian lines.

  1. -Pass along messages from spirit guides.

  2. -Spiritual counseling.

  3. -Vibrational healing using gongs.

  4. -Empowering the breath.

- Anchoring the energy in your life.

  1. -Above all listen.

There are many ways available to receive the gift of vibrational healing.

In person at the centre in Ottawa.





75 minute session for $100.00

Any questions or to book now contact     Paul

Paul has the ability to create custom made audio or video recordings.

Custom vibrational energy recordings start with a prayer request.

He has found that it is easier to use a photo and a hand written note from the individual to focus on what vibration would bring balance or power to the desired outcome. 

There are general rebalancing recordings available to view at youtube channel.


Shunnya Centre

60 minute Gong Mediation

Friday, Aug 9th, 2019


  42 Crichton Street, Ottawa, ON


Cost: $25

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Gong Events

Inner soul yoga & cycle

60 minute Gong Mediation

Saturday, Aug 17th, 2019


190 Colonnade, Ottawa, ON


Cost: $25

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